Acana dog food reviews

  Are you confused about choosing the right food for pets? Acana Dog food is one of the famous brands that have been producing quality dog foods since 1979. They have unique formulated foods for each life stage. In addition, they also sell diet-based dog foods for different breeds and dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin. This brand's food is available in over 60 countries across the globe. Dog food comes with labels like grain, grain-free, or limited ingredients that can offer a highly satisfying meal to the puppy. Plus, they process two types of food like dry kibble and treats that greatly help to develop good body structure. The nutrients and flavor filling treats will tempt the dog to empty the whole bowl. The formulated foods are available for small puppies and large breeds. Sometimes, even smaller puppies need foods with high nutritional value as like senior dogs. In that case, you can buy Acana senior formula dog food. Since Acana offers food solutions in terms of life stage, breed, and disease, you can stick to the same brand until the puppy's old age. Read till the end to know more about Acana dog foods.

Why do we prefer Acana dog food?

As a pet owner, you will always be choosy while selecting the food for your furry baby. Generally, any food that uses natural ingredients is always a priority. With the Acana brand, you can expect top-class formulated kibbles exclusively for dogs and cats. A perfect balance of nutrients will satisfy the energy demands of your four-legged friend. The food is carefully crafted with 95% fresh ingredients and 30% less carbohydrates to ensure premium quality. Acana dog foods are available at a reasonable price based on the quality and quality of the ingredients. Being the food owner, Champion Petfoods aims at providing dog foods to local customers by showcasing their products through e-commerce sites. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the top-selling dog foods available in the market. You can go through each of the products and pick the best food that suits your dog.  

Acana's food ingredients

 Acana never compromises with the quality of the ingredients. They focus on using freshly grown ingredients from grassy farms. Acana is safe for dogs having any allergies since it contains no allergy triggering grains like wheat, soy, and corn. The formulated recipe consists of essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, thereby providing balanced nutrition to the canines. So, there is no supplement requirement. Moreover, the ingredients like peas, beans, and lentils provide natural fibers and support lean muscle development.  

Table of contents

  1. Heritage Free Run Poultry Formula
  2. Duck and Pear dry dog food
  3. Heritage Meats Dry Canine Food
  4. Lamb and Apple Singles Formula
  5. Acana’s grain-free grassland recipe

Best Acana dog foods available in the market

 1. Heritage Free Run Poultry Formula

       If you are looking for dry food, then Acana's Heritage Free Run Poultry Formula dry dog food is a good choice. The formulated food consists of 60% of meat protein, vitamins, and minerals. The primary ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken fat, and chicken giblets. Note that all the ingredients involved are human grade and are safe for consumption. Plus, the source of these ingredients is from the grassy farms of Kentucky and Ohio. Apart from providing high protein levels, a perfect blend of liver and kidney of the Chicken provides a high amount of vitamins and minerals. The major vitamins like Calcium and phosphorus contribute to healthy bone development. The remaining 40% of the food consists of plant-based ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Very importantly, this dry food is specially crafted without any artificial colors and flavors. In addition, it is grain-free and does not contain any allergy-triggering ingredients. The Chicken and Turkey flavor gives a more appetizing flavor to the canines.  

Benefits of Heritage Free Run Poultry Formula

  1. The formulated dry food does not contain any synthetic ingredients and artificial favors
  2. A perfect ratio of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals gives a satisfying feel to the canines
  3. It is suitable for dog breeds of any size
  4. The primary ingredient is Chicken and is rich in protein
  5. It is totally worth buying

2. Duck and Pear dry dog food

        The Duck and Pear dry dog food offers an equal composition of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This recipe has its protein source from wild-caught fish, duck, and meat. On the other hand, a high level of vitamins and minerals is obtained from botanical-based ingredients like butternut squash, Bartlett pears, and other locally grown veggies. Does your dog have a sensitive stomach? Nothing to fear! This food doesn't contain any allergy-causing ingredients. In addition, you can also feed this food to dogs with poor appetites. Since ingredients like duck liver help in muscle development, you can observe a better body look in the dog within a few weeks of including this food in the dog's diet.

Benefits of Duck and Pear dry dog food

  1. This recipe is specially formulated for dogs with skin and intestinal allergies
  2. The crafted food enhances the personality of the dog
  3. It is a complete package of proteins and plant-based ingredients
  4. The gentle formula of the food offers a stomach-full satisfying feel to the pup

3. Heritage Meats Dry Canine Food

        One of the top-rated dry foods from Acana is the Heritage Red Meat Recipe. The formulated food consists of 60% red meat that can provide twice the energy level compared to other dog foods. This recipe is half-dried to provide good nourishment to the animal. The canine can get a rich source of protein from the primary ingredients like Chicken, Turkey, Chicken meal, beans, and red lentils. Apart from a protein source, fresh vegetables and veggies like pinto beans and green peas give a balanced amount of Vitamins, Minerals, and fiber.  

Benefits of Heritage Meats Dry Canine Food

  1. The recipe consists of a high level of proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals
  2. It is grain-free and does not contain any artificial flavors and coloring agents
  3. The food formula contains the least amount of easy digestible carbohydrates
  4. It is suitable for dogs of any breeds
  5. The food packing is hygienic

4. Lamb and Apple Singles Formula

    Acana's Lamb and Apple Singles formula has protein enrichment. It consists of primary ingredients like deboned lamb, liver, lamb fat, kidney, and cartilage. Although lamb meat has high-fat content, it is easy to digest. This is the reason why this recipe remains the most favorite compared to other formulas, including pork and beef. When coming to the delicious taste, the lamb meat will enhance the appetizing flavor, and the canine will surely enjoy the meal. The formulated recipe also includes botanical-based ingredients like chickpeas, collard greens, mustard greens, spinach, and whole carrots. Plus, the blend also consists of red apple to make the recipe more delicious. Very importantly, Fussy dogs will never skip the meal and can surely overcome poor appetite. Thus, your dog gets a regular shape within a few weeks.

Benefits of Lamb and Apple Singles Formula

  1. The recipe consists of animal-based and plant-based ingredients
  2. It is grain-free and does not cause any allergies
  3. It consists of lamb meat to increase the food flavor
  4. The formulated food is easily digestible
  5. Fussy dogs get great benefits by restoring the lost appetite and energy

5. Acana’s grain-free grassland recipe

      Acana's grain-free grassland recipe is a good choice for fussy dogs. The recipe consists of fresh fish and meat to provide a high amount of protein to the dog. In addition, this dry dog food has a perfect ratio of essential nutrients that contribute to the dog's whole body development. Important nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorus, and iron will help in developing strong bones and teeth. Plus, the ingredients with omega fatty acids will improve the skin texture of the canines. This food is specially crafted for dogs undergoing frequent vomiting and diarrhea. Customers have a good impression on this recipe since it provides utmost benefits to the canines.

Benefits of Acana's grain-free grassland recipe

  1. The recipe is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals
  2. The included ingredients with enriched omega fatty acids will give a shiny coat
  3. It is grain-free and is suitable for dogs suffering from stomach upset and bloating
  4. The delicious flavor of the food gives a satisfying feel to the canine
  5. The easily digestible ingredients will supply energy within minutes after ingesting the food


When it comes to providing quality foods, Acana never fails to impress you. A perfect balance in the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins will satisfy every canine playing around you. Since this brand's dog food does not trigger any allergies, it is suitable for dogs of any breed. Moreover, Acana dog foods are strictly grain-free. We hope that you have got some clarity on the different formulas of Acana dog foods. You can choose the best food and place your orders at e-commerce sites.              

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