Best dog food for golden retrievers

Golden retrievers are one of the most common large breed dogs. These adorable, intelligent dogs need healthy foods for engaging in activities. The primary factor to be considered before choosing the food is age. Puppies have a risk of developing a hip disease due to the excessive intake of calcium. So, it is very critical to choose the right unified brand for your little canine.

The dog’s growth is not saturated within two years of age. Keep the dog away from hip-related disease by avoiding adult dog foods. No fear, we have taken a list of top food brands exclusively for golden retrievers.


1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness high protein dry food for the dog - high satisfying dry food for dogs



 The food is designed for highly active golden retrievers with top-notch ingredients like a deboned duck and chicken. A perfect blend of meat and grains provides 34% proteins and 15% fats, and the presence of amino fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 gives a shiny coat to the skin. The supplements like glucosamine available in the chicken meal strengthen the muscle joints. The probiotics in the meat enhance the immune system’s functionality.


Brand Blue Wilderness
Weight in pounds 24
Breed size All breeds
Special ingredients Deboned duck, Menhaden fish meal, chicken meal, peas


2. Merrick Grain-free wet dog recipe - a gluten-free dry dog food




A properly balanced diet with a high level of proteins and the required amount of carbohydrates. The formulated food with an essential proportion of vitamins and minerals supports the development of the immune system. About 65% protein and fat and 35% of fiber, vitamins, and other quality ingredients blended together to prepare this awesome recipe. The supplements like Glucosamine and chondroitin help in the healthy development of the muscle joints. Similarly, the omega fatty acids give a shiny coat to the skin.

Brand Merrick
Weight in pounds 22
Breed size All breeds
Special ingredients Deboned chicken, deboned turkey, chicken broth, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.


3. Purina Pro Plan Adult Gold Large breed formula dry food for dog


A best-known pet food manufacturer for its quality products is the Purina Pro Plan Pet Foods. The main trio ingredients involved to make this recipe are the raw meat of chicken, beef, rice, and soybean.  The prebiotics embedded inside the meat helps in the active function of the digestive plus immune system. The essential fatty acids are mixed up in the ratio of 5:1 to support the skin, cardiovascular system, and nervous system. Although the price is beyond the budget, if you’re looking for one of the best brands for your active golden retriever, Fromm is a brand to consider.

Brand Fromm
Weight in pounds 34
Breed size All breeds
Special ingredients chicken, beef, rice, and soybean


4. Natural Balance diet dry dog food- simple ingredient recipe



The recipe is formed with three main ingredients: sweet potatoes, salmon, and the Menhaden fish meal. The carbohydrate-rich salmon is easily digestible, and hence your pet is free from digestive-related issues. The formulated food recipe has no compromise in quality, nutrition, and taste. By the way, the recipe does not contain any grains like peas, lentils, legumes, wheat, or corn.


Brand Natural balance
Weight in pounds 24
Breed size All breeds
Special ingredients Sweet potatoes, salmon, potato protein, Menhaden fish meal, and canola oil.


5. Royal Canin Health Nutrition dry dog food- best for 15 months old dog

The high nutrient Royal Canin Health Nutrition recipe is purely designed for golden retrievers over 15 months. Golden retrievers have carved a niche for their long, dense hair and glowing golden skin. Unfortunately, the density of the hair causes skin irritation due to sweat. And also, these breeds are prone to heart-related issues. To avoid these many complications, Royal Canin has formulated a high-quality recipe for golden retrievers. Enriched supplements like taurine enhance healthy cardiovascular function.


Brand Royal Canin
Weight in pounds 31
Breed size All breeds
Special ingredients Brown rice, oat groats, chicken meal, corn and brewer’s rice.

Buyer’s Guide

Feeding your dog to satisfy its personal needs is challenging as it has its preference and health requirements. First, you must get clarity on food that is suitable for your pet at each stage of the growing period


Stage 1- food for puppies

In common, large breed golden retrievers have more nutritional needs than small breeds. Pet food with high calcium and phosphorus content can help in strong bone development in large breed animals. If you are about to start feeding the pup with a new food brand, consult a vet and get to know whether your dog gets plenty of nutrients from the food, you are about to try.


Stage 2- food for adult

The adult stage is a period that falls in the middle of the initial and final growth of the body parts. You must be very careful in selecting pet food for adult golden retrievers. Consider your dog’s preferences as well. If they like to taste fish, chicken, or beef, then offer that to their plate. The kibble size also plays a primary role as if the dog is not convenient in chewing the large size kibble, and he might avoid the food.


Stage 3 - Food for seniors

As the dog grows older, they are prone to many diseases. So before feeding the dog, you must be sure whether the food doesn’t cause allergies. The scheduled diet must involve a high ratio of proteins and required amounts of fiber and supplements to avoid age-related problems like obesity and joint pain.


Choose the ingredients

A dog nutrient diet is thoroughly plant and animal-based. Pet foods having berries can supply an essential amount of vitamins and minerals to the dog’s body.

It’s good if you add more animal-based food ingredients instead of plant-based ingredients. Do not forget to ignore many grains like soy and corn in their balanced diet.


Whether grain-free food is good?

Stick on to the grain-free diet only if the dog is allergic to grains. Most dog owners have switched to a grain-free diet with the misconception that grain-free recipes are suitable for dog’s health. In reality, the fillers used as the ingredients instead of grains have lower nutrition value than grains foods.

Moreover, there is a lack of taurine supplements in nongrain foods. Taurine is a premium supplement that helps in the healthy working of the heart. An absence or low level of taurine can cause heart problems in dogs.


Wet food or raw food Vs dry kibble

Wet and raw food moreover have the same nutrition content. Some of the golden retrievers prefer soft food due to toothache. Raw diets are much healthier compared to other counterparts. But a drawback in raw food is that the dog can spread pathogens that might be harmful to humans.



Food and Allergies

If you spot any allergy symptoms in the dog, the key origin of the allergies is from the food. In such cases, you must work according to the vet’s suggestion. Note that allergies can develop at any stage of the growing period. Some of the common symptoms of allergies are listed below

  1. Skin irritation
  2. Nausea
  3. Red underbelly
  4. Swollen ears, eyelids, lips, etc.



Golden retrievers respond to different foods in each growth stage. Before feeding any food to the little pup, pet owners must analyze the nutrient proportion, vitamins, and mineral ratio. If your pup has any allergy symptoms, you must immediately consult a vet. Unless your pet is nonallergic to grains, you can continue grains foods. Be conscious while feeding aged golden retrievers as they are prone to diseases. Check out the food label to know the ingredients involved in making the recipe. Golden retriever can turn out in a shining coat with a suitable nutrient-rich food brand. Choose a brand carefully for a balanced diet.


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