Best Dog food for Great Danes


Have you ever thought that great Danes are terrifying animals? Definitely, it is not so true. Like the size, the heart of great Danes is also big. Alike humans, they easily get mingled with others. With these wonderful features, they deserve healthy food for morning and evening routine.

Great Danes are unique breeds. As they grow up, they need specific nutrition at each stage of life. Importantly, Great Danes are prone to health-related issues that can limit their life span. So, you must be very conscious while choosing the food for Great Danes.

We have shortlisted 10 Best for our beloved Great Danes. Have a look at the key features of the pet food brand and choose the best food that doesn't harm your dog’s health.

Top 10 dog food for Great Danes

1.Nutro Adult Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

A perfect blend of super quality ingredients makes Nutro Ultra adult dog food the finest brand for pets in the market. The recipe is rich in protein, antioxidants, and healthy oils. The right ratio of amino acids and other tempting flavors excites your dog to eat.

Lea protein plays a crucial role in large breed dog’s health. Great Danes are not an exception. The formulated food has three lean protein sources namely farm-raised chicken, salmon, and pasture-fed lamb. Supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin give additional strength to the dog. The recipe is extremely free from grains like Wheat, soy, and corn.


Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Whole Brown rice, and oatmeal.

Brand Nutro
Weight in pounds 30
Lifestage Adult
Breed size Large breeds, giant breeds

Bestseller (lists)

NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe Dog Kibble, 30 lb. Bag Pet Supplies

  • Contains one (1) 30 lb. bag of NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe for large breed dogs ages 18 months and older; real lamb is the #1 ingredient
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients*; no chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy*
  • High quality protein source is the #1 ingredient in the delicious dry kibble
  • Designed to help keep your large breed dog trim and fit
  • Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin; formul... Read More

2. Blue Buffalo Chicken and vegetable stew Recipe Dry dog food

The recipe is crafted focusing on giant breeds like Great Danes for providing high nutrition. In addition to this, the optimum level of proteins and nutrients gives healthy muscle joints. The minerals and vitamins give calcium enrichment to the bones and teeth.

Superior quality of ingredients like deboned chicken, Chicken meal, Dried egg product provides sufficient antioxidants. The chicken and vegetable stew recipe do not contain wheat, corn, and soy. And also, Blue Buffalo guarantees that the food is free from any type of artificial colors and preservatives.


Chicken meal, Dried egg product, Peas, Carrots, and Potatoes

Brand Blue Life Protection
Weight in pounds 9.4
Lifestage Adult
Breed size Large breeds, giant breeds

Bestseller (lists)

Blue Buffalo Blue's Stew Country Chicken Stew Adult Canned Dog Food

  • Hearty, irresistible mouth-watering stew
  • Tasty and nutritious turkey, chicken, beef or lamb is always the first ingredient
  • Wholesome vegetables and tasty chunks of real meat
  • No chicken or poultry by-product meals, and no corn, wheat or soy ... Read More

3. Royal Canin Great Dane Adult Dry Dog food

An excellent choice for complete nutrition is the Royal Canin adult dry food. Mainly, the food is crafted for providing all the essential nutrients to the Great Danes. The texture of the kibble smells so good that can make your dog tempting.

The ingredients picked up to formulate the food will keep the dog active for a longer period. The fiber content in pet food will enhance the digestive system's functionality.


Chicken fat, Tapioca, Brewers Rice, Corn, and Chicken by-product meal.

Brand Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition
Weight in pounds 30
Lifestage Adult
Breed size Giant breeds

Bestseller (lists)

Royal Canin Great Dane Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food, 30 lb. bag Pet Supplies

  • Royal Canin Great Dane dry dog food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of purebred Great Danes 24 months and older
  • Exclusive kibble helps Great Danes easily pick up, chew, and slow down the intake of their food
  • High energy formula tailored to meet Great Dane’s nutritional needs without overloading the stomach
  • Aids digestive health with highly digestible proteins and specific fibers to help promote optimal stool quality
  • Promotes bone and joint... Read More

4. Purina ONE SmartBlend Large breed Dry dog food

A recipe that supplies high nourishment with standard nutrients is the Purina ONE SmartBlend dry dog food. The crafted food's high protein levels smell too good.

The ideal quality food maintains the health of the bones and the muscle joints. A good source of supplements like glucosamine keeps the cartilage healthy. The vitamins A and E give a shining glow to the skin. And also, it boosts the immune system.


Chicken, Chicken By-product, Rice flour, Whole Grain Wheat and Corn

Brand Purina
Weight in pounds 31.1
Lifestage Adult
Breed size Large breeds, giant breeds

Bestseller (lists)

Purina ONE Natural Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend Formula - 31.1 lb. Bag Everything Else

  • One (1) 31.1 lb. Bag - Purina ONE Natural Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend Formula
  • This Purina ONE dry dog food features real chicken as the #1 ingredient
  • Dog kibble specially formulated for large breed adult dogs with nutrients they need to thrive
  • Natural sources of glucosamine offer joint support for dogs
  • Purina ONE is veterinarian recommended ... Read More

5. Instinct from Nature’s variety grain-free recipe dry dog food

One of the best pet foods for sensitive Great Danes is the Instinct grain-free recipe from Nature’s variety. The food recipe contains only a limited source of animal protein. The main reason for crafting the limited ingredient food is to promote good digestion. The optimum level of amino acids gives nourishment to the skin by giving a radiant glow.


Salmon, fruits, vegetables, and wholesome grains

Brand Nature's Variety
Breed size All size breeds
Lifestage Adult
Food form Dry food

Bestseller (lists)

Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken Natural Dry Dog Food, 22.5 lb. Bag Pet Supplies

  • GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD WITH CAGE FREE CHICKEN: Instinct Original dry dog food is made with 70% real animal ingredients and nutritious oils, 30% vegetables, fruits and other wholesome ingredients. Responsibly sourced cage free chicken is the #1 ingredient.
  • NATURAL DOG FOOD: Instinct Original dry dog food is high protein dog food made with probiotics to support healthy digestion and omegas for skin & coat. Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meals, artificial color... Read More

6. Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog food for puppy great Danes

The ideal formula for adult sand giant breeds is the Holistic Select chicken and oatmeal recipe. A perfect blend of protein and high-quality vegetables like pumpkin and papaya prevent the dog from causing any digestion-related issues. Added supplements like glucosamine will strengthen the bones and joints. The ingredients employed in the recipe will maintain the overall health of the Great Dane.

 Ingredients Used

Chicken meal, Oatmeal, Oats, chicken fat, and Wholegrain Corn.

Brand Hill's Science Diet
Weight in pounds 30
Lifestage Adult
Breed size Large breeds, giant breeds

Bestseller (lists)

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds, Lamb Meal And Brown Rice Recipe, 33 lb Bag Pet Supplies

  • A large breed puppy food specially made with an optimal level of calcium for controlled bone growth
  • Uses a balanced set of minerals to promote strong bones and teeth in large puppies
  • Uses DHA from fish oil to support healthy brain and eye development for growing dogs
  • High-quality protein helps your large pup build and maintain lean muscle
  • Made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust
  • #1 Veterinarian Recommended ... Read More

7. Eukanuba large breed puppy dry dog food

A perfect balanced food formulated for giving high nutrition to the Great Danes at different stages of life is the Eukanuba dry dog food. It contains high animal protein and a sufficient ratio of calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates, and fats. This can make your dog healthy and strong. Eukanuba is crafted focusing on Great Dane puppies up to 15 months old.


Chicken, Corn, Wheat, chicken by-product, and chicken fat.

Brand Eukanuba
Weight in pounds 33
Lifestage Adult
Breed size Large breeds, giant breeds

Bestseller (lists)

Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Lamb 1st Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food, 30 lb. bag Pet Supplies

  • Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Lamb 1st Ingredient dry dog food is complete and balanced nutrition for large breed dogs 15 months or older, weighing over 55 lbs.
  • Promotes lean muscle development and joint health in active adult dogs with a combination of animal protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate
  • Helps keep dogs sharp and supports healthy brain function with DHA and vitamin E
  • Fuels an active lifestyle with optimal levels of fats and carbohydrates
  • Hi... Read More

8. Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain grain less dry dog food

The right ratio of proteins and carbohydrates for nutrition enrichment is the Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain grain-free food. Handpicked quality ingredients formulated into kibble gives a crunchy texture and is comfortable for chewing. With lamb as the premium ingredient, the formulated food has other quality ingredients like peas and sweet potatoes that maintain the energy level of the dog throughout the day.


Lamb, sweet potatoes, egg products, lamb meal, and Lentils.

Brand Taste of the wild
Breed size Large breeds, giant breeds
Lifestage Adult
Food form Dry food

Bestseller (lists)

Diamond Products CC1313HYXL-20 13HP-15GPM (37387) Industrial & Scientific

9. Nutro Limited ingredient grain free Large breed dry dog food

A formulated food that is loaded with superior quality nutrients especially for large breed dogs is the Nutro limited ingredient grain-free Large breed dry dog food. The ingredients like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and deboned lamb give all the essential nutrients to the dog. The recipe is free from preservatives and fillers.


Deboned Lamb, Dried sweet potato, Chickpeas, Lamb meal, and Lentils

Brand Nutro
Weight in pounds 30
Lifestage Adult
Breed size Large breeds, giant breeds

Bestseller (lists)

NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb & Sweet Potato Dog Kibble, 4 lb. Bag Pet Supplies

  • Contains one (1) 4 lb. bag of NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb & Sweet Potato
  • Always made with 10 key ingredients or less, plus natural flavors, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Recipes are grain free, and avoid ingredients that commonly cause food sensitivities in pets like corn, wheat, soy and dairy protein
  • Lamb is the #1 ingredient in this healthy dog food
  • This NUTRO Dry Dog Food is made with... Read More

10. Purina Pro Plan Puppy dry dog food with Probiotics

A healthy recipe of quality chicken with high protein content can give an amazing shape to the Great Dane with lean muscles. The nutrient extracts from ingredients like Chicken and Corn enhance the digestive and immune system functionality. The optimum level of fatty acids will give a shiny coat to the skin.


Chicken, Whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, and Poultry by-product meal.

Brand Purina
Weight in pounds 37.5
Lifestage Adult
Breed size Large breeds, giant breeds

Bestseller (lists)

Purina Pro Plan High Calorie, High Protein Dry Dog Food, SPORT 30/20 Chicken & Rice Formula - 37.5 lb. Bag (Packaging May Vary) Pet Supplies

  • One (1) 37.5 lb. Bag - Purina Pro Plan High Calorie, High Protein Dry Dog Food, SPORT 30/20 Chicken and Rice Formula
  • Features real chicken as the no.1 ingredient
  • Contains 30% protein and 20% fat to help fuel metabolic needs and maintain lean muscle
  • Amino acids help nourish muscles, including during the crucial time immediately following exercise
  • SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula has a new look and product name coming soon. May receive either bag during the ... Read More

Buyer’s guide

The main factor that is responsible for an increase or decrease in a dog’s body weight is the portion size. If you feed these giant breeds with heavy food, it might lead to obesity and other health-related issues.

Factors to be considered before feeding the dog


Feeding Great Danes depend on the life stages. But before feeding the pup, you must consider the following factors

Activity level

The energy level is an important factor while feeding the dog. Not all the Great Danes are the same. Some of them are very active while others are lazy.  So, you must observe the dog’s energy level. A single cup of pet food contains up to 450 calories. If the dog is highly active, it requires more calories. Pay attention when you are preparing the nutrition chart.


Life stage

Despite their size, giant great Danes are playful animals. They need a high-calorie profile for consistent energy. It is very important to feed them with high nutrition. Offer food at least 2500kcal per day.

Weight, Height, and size

You must also look into the size, weight, and height of the dog. Check whether the dog maintains the Body Mass Index (BMI).


Ingredients to avoid for Great Danes

Since Great Danes are prone to many health issues, you must avoid food having the following ingredients.

  • Cocoas and chocolate
  • Candies and chewing gum
  • Salty foods
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Sugary foods and drink
  • Avocados
  • Liquor and beverages having alcohol
  • Raisins and grapes
  • Plums and peaches
  • High-fat content ingredients
  • Heavily seasoned foods

Best food ingredients for Great Danes


Limited carbohydrates

Conventional fillers are the main component that decides the shape of the kibble. And also, it decides the shelf life of the food. But, avoid using high carbohydrate content fillers. This is because some of the great Danes are sensitive to high carbohydrate content foods. For a right balanced diet, choose foods free from grains and gluten.


Required minerals and vitamins

Plenty of vitamins and minerals are bonus elements in the nutrition chart that can give strong bones and joints.

Organic ingredients

Stick to natural ingredients without any artificial fillers or colors.

Ingredients rich in antioxidants

We know that great Danes are prone to health issues. A diet with plenty of antioxidants can minimize the risk of disease in these dogs. Plus, antioxidants can protect the dogs from any infections.


A common health issue in these types of breeds is Bloating. You can give probiotics-rich food to the dog. Probiotics will improve the digestive process and boosts the immunity level in the dog.



Above all, you must consider the health of the dog. There are plenty of pet food brands on the market. You are the pet parents, only you know what to feed and not to feed. Obviously, you would have gained some clarity on feeding foods for Great Danes. If you find any abnormalities, consult a vet. Happy dogs need healthy foods.




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