Diamond Naturals dog foods reviews

 If you are looking for the best pet food brand, Diamond Naturals is the one for you. Are you interested in exploring more about this brand? You are on the right site. Diamond Naturals is a well-known brand that sells high-quality pet foods but ensures that the price doesn't exceed the limit. Diamond Naturals believe that dogs of any life stage or breed need the right nutrition at the right time. This brand shows a variety of foods that can satisfy the nutritional needs of dogs in any life stage. In addition, the ingredients are of high quality and provide a perfectly balanced diet to the canine. Some of the important ingredients involved in the recipes are real chicken, lamb, turkey, fruits and vegetables. These manufacturers have carefully examined the dog's nutritional demands and crafted the food with a powerful package of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Read till the bottom to know more about the Diamond Naturals dog foods.  

Diamond Naturals food- Overview

Diamond Naturals Foods claims that all the recipes from their brand are made from hand-picked ingredients. In order to provide the best-balanced diet, all the ingredients have high nutritional values. Ingredients like real meats are rich in protein, whole grains are the carbohydrate source, and healthy supplements support healthy bone and joint development. In this article, we will discuss above some of the best recipes from Diamond Naturals. You can pick the best product that is highly suitable for your dog.  

Table of contents

  1. Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice formula
  2. 2. Diamond Naturals Beef Meal and Rice formula
  3. Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice formula
  4. Diamond Naturals Salmon and Potato Recipe


Best Diamond Naturals dog food available in the market

 1. Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice formula

  As we discussed earlier, Diamond Naturals always keeps the ingredients like chicken as its first priority. The chicken contains about 80% of moisture, and it shrinks from its original size when cooked. At that time, the protein content is also reduced. To fill the gap, chicken meal is used as another protein source. This dog food is formulated with important ingredients like eggs, fish meal and other plant-based ingredients like peas, flaxseed and barley. Anyway, most of the protein comes from the chicken. Apart from proteins, this recipe contains essential carbohydrates obtained from brown rice, barley and peas. These carbohydrates are easily digestible and do not trigger any allergies in dogs with sensitive stomachs. The dogs will also get enough fibres from the supplements like pea flour, flaxseed and dried beet pulp. A perfect blend of fruits and vegetables gives a balanced ratio of carbs and fibres, thereby improving the dog's overall health. The recipe depends on the chicken meal to get essential fat content. One important point to note here is, fat is essential to add flavour to the food. It will tempt the canine to finish the meal. In addition, the fat gives a healthy skin coat. The other ingredients used in this recipe are some plant-based products and dried fermentation products. In addition, the chelated minerals will help in good nutrition absorption. The fermented products provide prebiotics and help in healthy digestion.  
Item form Dry
Breed All breed
Flavour Chicken

What we love in Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice formula

  1. This recipe gives a perfect balanced diet to the dog
  2. The chicken fat adds natural flavour to the recipe
  3. The carbohydrates are easily digestible
  4. There is 26% protein content and supports lean muscle development

2. Diamond Naturals Beef Meal and Rice formula

    If you are looking for a suitable adult dog food, try out Diamond Naturals Beef Meal and Rice formula. The food is crafted to improve the health and wellness of the canine. This recipe uses beef meal as the main ingredient. Basically, the beef meal has rich nutritional value and is an excellent protein source. This ingredient can greatly increase the amino acids in the dog. The secondary ingredient is sorghum and is easily digestible. This grain does not trigger any allergies in sensitive dogs and provides essential antioxidants, niacin, B1, zinc and iron to the diet plan. On the other hand, grain-based ingredients like barley, rice bran and white rice will give the correct ratio of vitamins, minerals and fibres to the dog. We know that omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are important to give a shiny coat to the animals. The recipe contains chicken fat extracts that improve the dog's skin. Next, healthy digestion keeps the dog active throughout the day. For that, sufficient prebiotics from the infused ingredients helps in healthy digestion and gives a good shape to the dog.  
Item form Dry
Breed All breed
Flavour Beef

What we love in Diamond Naturals Beef Meal and Rice formula

  1. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and gives a shiny skin coat
  2. This recipe has a natural chicken flavour
  3. The primary ingredient is beef meal
  4. The formulated food does not trigger any allergies

3. Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice formula

  This recipe is the same as the predecessor, with an exception in the primary ingredient. In this recipe, lamb meal is used as the first ingredient and is rich in proteins. Basically, a good replacement for a beef meal is a lamb meal. This recipe is exclusively for canines those having sensitive stomach is allergic towards beef. Apart from proteins, the lamb meal is also rich in amino acids and adds flavour to the recipe. The secondary ingredients are cracked pearl barley, rice bran, ground white rice, millet and sorghum. Although white rice is rich in carbohydrates, it is easily digestible and supplies enormous energy throughout the body. Next, barley has low-calorie content, and sorghum is rich in antioxidants and free from gluten. Furthermore, the rice bran has high fibre content and provides vitamins and minerals like manganese, magnesium etc. Finally, the millet is rich in iron and phosphorus. The recipe also consists of egg products and yeast. An egg product is a part of the whole egg, and the yeast is rich in animal protein. Chicken fat is used as a fat source to add taste to the recipe. It is rich in omega fatty acids and gives a healthier skin coat. Apart from primary ingredients, the food is formulated with plant-based ingredients like kale, blueberries, spinach and pumpkin. A good ratio of these ingredients will provide essential vitamins and minerals to the canine.  
Item form Dry
Breed All breed
Flavour Lamb

What we love in Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice formula

  1. This recipe puts lamb meal as the primary ingredients
  2. The carbohydrate-rich sources like white rice and rice bran are easily digestible
  3. Ingredients like sorghum is gluten-free
  4. A good ratio of chicken fat adds more taste to the recipe
  5. Botanical ingredients like pumpkin and spinach provide vitamins and minerals

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4. Diamond Naturals Salmon and Potato Recipe

  Are you a pet owner of multiple dogs? If you are worried about managing the expense of dog foods, then Diamond Naturals Salmon and Potato recipe is a good choice. This formulated food is suitable for dogs of all breeds. The recipe’s gentle formula soothes irritated skin and improves the dog’s personality. All the infused ingredients are hypoallergenic and are safe for consumption. The second ingredient is the fish meal and is rich in minerals, fat, amino acids and vitamins. The recipe is formulated with ingredients like potatoes, pea flour, flaxseed and peas. The potato is an excellent source of Vitamin A, C and B6. The energy obtained from carbohydrates is supplied throughout the body. A perfect blend of lentils and peas has low calories. It supplies essential vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy immune system. Pea flour is rich in iron and calcium, thereby supporting healthy muscles and joints. In addition, canola oil provides essential fat and gives a delicious taste to the recipe.  
Item form Dry
Breed All breed
Flavour Salmon and Potato

What we love in Diamond Naturals Salmon and Potato Recipe

  1. The recipe is hypoallergenic and is suitable for dogs of any breeds
  2. It does not contain any artificial preservatives and colouring agents
  3. The carbs are easily digestible and supply energy throughout the body


To summarize, Diamond Naturals dog foods have good customer ratings. If you are looking for dog food at an affordable price, then Diamond Naturals dog foods are the finest choice. The core ingredients are of premium quality and do not trigger any allergies in the dog. Recipes are grain-inclusive and grain-free. The food formula includes peas and sweet potatoes to give enough carbs and proteins to the dog. We hope that you have got an idea about Diamond Naturals dog foods. Before adding the food to the cart, ensure whether the ingredients are hypoallergenic. Place your orders at eCommerce sites and feed your puppy with nutritious food.  

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