NutriSource Dog food reviews

KLN family brand is the manufacturer of NutriSource dog foods. The main aim of this brand is to provide a natural balanced diet to the canine. A proper ratio of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will add high nutritional value to the dog recipes. There is a wide range of dog foods like dry foods, canned foods, grain-inclusive and grain-free foods. With over 40 years of experience, NutriSource dog foods have earned much respect from pet parents. Each recipe is carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients to provide a healthy diet to the canine. Apart from providing premium ingredients, the manufacturers ensure whether the food is easily digestible and palatable. All the food formulas are favourable and tempt the dog to finish the meal. In this article, we will discuss above some of the recipes of NutriSource to know the quality, texture, ingredients involved, and quality. Keep reading to know some amazing recipes of NutriSource dog foods. We are sure that you will get a better impression and place your order at eCommerce sites.  

Table of contents

  1. NutriSource Grain-free Seafood Select Recipe
  2. NutriSource Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice Formula
  3. NutriSource Prairie Select Formula
  4. NutriSource Grain-free Heartland Select Canned Formula

Best NutriSource dog foods available in market

 1.NutriSource Grain-free Seafood Select Recipe

  NutriSource grain-free seafood will provide proper nutrition to the dog with every meal to serve to the canine. The primary ingredient is Salmon that has a high level of proteins and is easily digestible. Apart from this, the key ingredients like Salmon, menhaden fish, peas, pea flour, and pea starch improve the overall health and wellness of the canine. The supplements like SEL-PLEX will help in proper brain development. In addition, the other supplements like BIO PLEX will provide essential minerals like copper, vitamin, cobalt, iron, and manganese. With BIO PLEX, the canine will give a healthy and shiny skin coat. Very importantly, the prebiotic supplement like BIO-MOS will keep the gut healthy and improve the dog's overall health. Yea-Sacc is a yeast-based additive that stimulates microbial digestion. The primary ingredients involved in this recipe are Salmon, peas, menhaden fish meal, pea flour, and pea starch. Most customer reviews say that this recipe gives a thick and shiny coat to the dog, thereby eliminating the poor appetite. Plus, feeding this recipe on a regular basis shows good improvement in dogs with allergies. So, we highly recommend this recipe to dogs having digestion issues, skin diseases, and poor appetite.  
Brand Tuffy’s
Breed All breed
Item form dry
Flavour Lamb, seafood

Reason to buy NutriSource Grain-free Seafood Select Recipe

  1. The premium quality ingredients like Salmon provides 25% protein to the dog
  2. This recipe's natural flavour will give a strong appetizing feel
  3. A perfect ratio of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids to boost the immune system
  4. With 15% of essential fat content, the puppies get a shiny skin coat
  5. The important supplements like BIO PLEX, SEL-PLEX, and Chondroitin improves the overall dog's health
  6. This recipe is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs

2. NutriSource Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice Formula

    Are you not satisfied with the current diet plan of your dog? NutriSource's Chicken and Rice formula is the finest choice for your large breed puppy. The formulated food helps in easy digestion and keeps the intestine healthy. The special Good 4 Life formula supports the overall health and wellness of the canine. It means that formula will help in the good absorption of nutrients. A good ratio of prebiotics and probiotics will keep the gut healthy. The supplements like DHA contribute to brain development. The ingredients like chicken have high protein content and help in lean muscle development. In addition, supplements like L-carnitine will burn the excess fat in the dog's body. The other supplements like Taurine and DL-methionine, helps to strengthen the muscle joints and promote overall health. The primary ingredients of this recipe are Chicken, brown rice, chicken meal, oatmeal, and barley. Since this recipe is carefully formulated with non-allergic ingredients, it is suitable for dogs with digestive problems. Customer reviews say that the recipe is showing good results in a growing puppy. The overall customer rating is good, and this dog food is highly recommended for large breeds.  
Brand Tuffy’s
Breed All breed
Item form Dry
Flavour Chicken

Reason to buy NutriSource Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice Formula

  1. This food is specially crafted for large breed puppies
  2. The infused ingredients are fresh and give a balanced diet to the dog
  3. The omega fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 nourish the skin and give a shiny coat
  4. A perfect ratio of vitamins and minerals keeps the digestive tract healthy
  5. Chicken is the primary ingredient and is rich in protein content

3. NutriSource Prairie Select Formula

    The best NutriSource dog food that is suitable for dogs at any life stage is the Prairie Select formula. It provides high nutrition to meet the energy requirements of the growing canine. In addition, the appetizing flavour tempts the fussy dogs to empty the bowl. The important ingredient of this recipe is fresh quail. This ingredient provides an essential amount of protein to the dog. Generally, a fresh quail consists of around 80% moisture. When the kibble is cooked, the moisture content evaporates, thereby reducing the protein content. As far as this recipe is concerned, there are other supplements to boost the protein level in the dog. For example, this dog food consists of cooked turkey meal and duck meal. These two ingredients have rich animal protein. The ingredients like peas, green lentils, and garbanzo beans are rich in carbohydrates and are easily digestible. A point here to note is, this recipe omits grains. Hence, you can feed this food to dogs fighting against allergies. The formulated food is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial flavours. The fibre-rich ingredients will help in easy digestion. An important ingredient to note here is that Flaxseed nourishes the skin and gives a shiny, healthy skin coat. The formula contains 6% crude fibre, which is slightly higher than the standard fiber percentage, but it doesn't cause any health issues. The other ingredients infused in this recipe provide sufficient fat to give a shiny skin coat. Chicken fat makes the food tastier. Apart from chicken fat, the ingredients like sunflower meal, sunflower oil, and Flaxseed are healthy fat contributors.  
Brand Tuffy’s
Breed All breed
Item form Dry
Life stages All stages

Reason to buy NutriSource Prairie Select Formula

  1. The primary ingredient is the fresh quail that serves as an important protein source
  2. The carbohydrate-rich ingredients are green lentils and peas. They are easily digestible
  3. This recipe omits grains and doesn't cause any allergies
  4. The fibre-rich sources like sunflower, Flaxseed, and pea flour promotes healthy digestion
  5. The formulated food is free from any artificial preservatives and colouring agents

4. NutriSource Grain-free Heartland Select Canned Formula

  Wet food that soothes the canine's irritated skin and digestive tract is NutriSource's heartland Select canned formula. It doesn't contain any artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours. Very importantly, this recipe omits grains and additives like carrageenan. The most important ingredients of this recipe are Chicken, Chicken liver, bison, chickpeas, and Chicken broth. A perfect blend of chicken and bison adds natural flavour to the recipe. So, the dog will get a satisfying feeling after every meal. The carbohydrates are easily digestible, and the proteins support lean muscle development. NutriSource's Good 4 Health formula supports the overall health of the canine. The recipe is rich in prebiotics and minerals, thereby improving digestion. Very importantly, ingredients like cranberries are rich in antioxidants and boost immune system functionality. A bowl full of NutriSource's dog food gives balanced nutrition to the canine. He stays active throughout the day.  
Brand Tuffy’s
Breed All breed
Item weight 4 pounds
Life stage Adult

Reason to buy NutriSource Grain-free Heartland Select Canned Formula

  1. The five major ingredients of this recipe provide a natural balanced diet to the canine
  2. Chicken is the primary ingredient and adds flavour to the food
  3. The recipe omits grains, and it doesn't trigger any allergies
  4. The ingredients like Legume and cranberries stimulate the immune system
  5. The food is free from gluten, artificial preservatives, and colouring agents


We hope that you have gained some knowledge about the quality and food processing of NutriSource. Forty years of service by selling quality foods is incredible. These experienced hands aim at giving the best foods to improve the health condition of the dog. As a pet owner, you will definitely like the way NutriSource formulates its foods. If you are willing to change the dog's current diet plan, you can try this brand's food to give a satisfying meal to your pet. For best offers, you can place orders at e-commerce sites. A healthy diet plan keeps your beloved canine enthusiastic all day.    

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