Wellness dog food reviews

Purchasing dog food is not so easy. You must check whether the included ingredients satisfy the nutrient demands of the dog. Wellness is a famous brand that has been selling premium quality dog foods since 1920. They manufacture both wet and dry foods. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the top-rated Wellness dog foods. Keep reading to know more about Wellness dog foods.  

Table of contents

  1. Wellness CORE Grain-free reduced-fat Turkey & Chicken dry dog food
  2. Wellness Simple limited grain-free ingredient with Salmon and Potato dry dog food
  3. Wellness CORE Grain-free Puppy Chicken and Turkey Recipe Dry dog food
  4. Wellness Complete Health Adult deboned chicken and Oatmeal recipe dry dog food
  5. Wellness Simple ingredient with Turkey and Potato recipe

Top 5 Wellness Dog Foods


1. Wellness CORE Grain-free reduced fat Turkey & Chicken dry dog food

    The Wellness CORE grain-free recipe is a specially formulated food for satisfying the needs of your puppy. Regular feeding of this recipe will give a proper shape to the dog. A balanced ratio of nutrients will shed its thickness and promote a healthy look. The reduced-fat diet recipe consists of tasty nutrients that will be highly gentle to a sensitive digestive tract. Apart from being a healthy kibble, the food taste is so yummy. So, your pet will never leave the food bowl empty. The highlight of this recipe is, it contains 25% less fat compared to other dry foods. The primary ingredients are Turkey, Salmon, and Chicken. So, the pup will enjoy a satisfying meal and also gain the benefits of maintaining lean muscles. Plus, these high-quality ingredients will stimulate the immune system and promote a healthy skin coat. This dry dog food doesn't contain any grains like wheat, corn, and soy products. So, it is exclusively for dogs with sensitive skin and digestive tract. Along with this, this product is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. As a whole, if you are worried about your overweight dog, this recipe will definitely make him fit and healthy.  

Reason to buy Wellness CORE Grain-free reduced-fat Turkey & Chicken dry dog food

  1. The balanced nutrients will fuel the energy and keep the dog active throughout the day
  2. With limited ingredients, this recipe is so good to taste and gives a satisfying feeling after every meal
  3. The premium-quality ingredients will provide a balanced diet with 25% less fat. These protein-rich ingredients keep the muscles lean and give a perfect shape to the body
  4. It is a formulated food with an optimum quantity of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from pure salmon oil and fresh flaxseed
  5. A perfect ratio of omega acids, prebiotic fibers, taurine, glucosamine will enhance the overall health of the dog

 2. Wellness Simple limited grain-free ingredient with Salmon and Potato dry dog food

     If your dog is allergic to grains like wheat, corn, soy, and artificial by-products, try the Salmon and potato dry food from Wellness. It is a complete package of all essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy body structure. Generally, you should consult a vet before changing the diet of a dog with a sensitive stomach. At that time, your vet will recommend dry dog food with limited ingredients. In such a case, this Salmon and potato dry dog food is the best hypo-allergic dog food that reduces skin irritation and intestinal allergies. This recipe is a perfect choice since it contains zero grains. With the primary ingredient Salmon, your dog gets a rich source of proteins from a single meal. Although the formulated food gas has limited ingredients, the food is tasty, and your dog will always long for an extra kibble. In addition, this salmon meal is also rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that will provide a lustrous coat to the skin. A perfect ratio of protein and carbohydrates is very important for a healthy diet. The included ingredients like ground potatoes and peas are the source of carbohydrates. The essential amount of easy-digestible carbohydrates will maintain blood sugar levels.  A perfect blend of flaxseed and salmon meal will stimulate the immune system, thus resulting in better health. Plus, the tomato pomace will provide extra fiber to promote healthy digestion. It is highly safe to feed this food to your dog since it does not contain any artificial flavors and preservatives.

Reason to buy Wellness Simple limited grain-free ingredient with Salmon and Potato dry dog food

  1. This recipe is rich in fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 to provide a healthy skin coat
  2. A perfect balanced diet with limited ingredients
  3. It contains easy-digestible carbohydrates and promotes healthy digestion
  4. It is grain-free and is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin and stomach
  5. All the involved ingredients are rich in proteins and carbohydrates

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WELLNESS Simple Natural Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food, Salmon and Potato Recipe, 24-Pound Bag Pet Supplies

  • LIMITED INGREDIENT DOG FOOD: Natural, grain free, limited ingredient recipe crafted with a single source of animal protein, expertly balanced with easily digestible carbohydrates and no fillers
  • A LIFETIME OF WELLBEING: Natural prebiotics support a healthy digestive system, antioxidants support a strong immune system and Omega fatty Acids support a healthy coat and skin
  • WHOLE BODY HEALTH: Supported by omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics and taurine for a ... Read More

3. Wellness CORE Grain-free Puppy Chicken and Turkey recipe Dry dog food

    Basically, an adult dog demands a high amount of protein for healthy muscle development. So if you are looking for dry dog food with high levels of animal protein, Wellness CORE grain-free Chicken and Turkey recipe is a good choice. At an early stage of growth, the cells of the puppy demand a high level of protein for complete development. With this recipe, you can support the body's cell growth. With chicken as the primary ingredient, your puppy will get the optimum amount of protein for lean muscle development. Since this recipe omits grains, it has an 80% composition of meat compared to other dry dog foods. In addition, other ingredients like spinach, broccoli support brain development. Plus, a perfect calcium and phosphorus ratio helps improve the strength of developing bones and supports a healthy immune system. Very importantly, Salmon and flaxseed are rich in omega fatty acids, thereby giving a healthy coat to the skin. When it comes to digestion, the active ingredients provide prebiotics, and probiotics promote good digestion. This recipe is free from allergy triggers like corn, wheat gluten, and other artificial coloring agents. Apart from offering balanced nutrition, this kibble satisfies your dog to the fullest with its extraordinary taste.  

Reason to buy Wellness CORE Grain-free Puppy Chicken and Turkey Recipe Dry dog food

  1. The protein-rich ingredients help in lean muscle development
  2. The recipe is enriched with Calcium and Phosphorus for improved bone strength
  3. It consists of 80% of meant for providing high protein levels
  4. It does not contain any allergy-triggering ingredients

4. Wellness Complete Health Adult deboned chicken and Oatmeal recipe dry dog food

This is one of the best adult deboned chicken and oatmeal recipe dry dog food available in the market. The recipe is crafted for improving the overall health of the dog. It consists of a high level of animal protein that repairs the damaged tissue and helps in lean muscle development. Since it uses deboned chicken as a major ingredient, the kibble will give a strong appetizing flavor. So, the dog will empty the kibbles from the bowl. Plus, the chicken meal is rich in protein, and the supplements like glucosamine support healthy cartilage development.   This recipe does not contain any allergy-triggering rains like wheat, soy, and corn. Instead, the formulated food consists of barley and oats to provide easily digestible carbohydrates to the diet. Plus, the ingredients like sweet potatoes serve as an energy source. A perfect ratio of brown rice and chicken fat will support healthy muscle development. Since this combination has high fiber content, it helps in easy digestion. For additional fiber, the food formula adds tomato pomace and chicory root for soothing the sensitive stomach. The presence of flaxseed in the recipe guarantees omega fatty acids and gives a lustrous coat to the skin. In addition, it promotes a healthy immune system.  

Reason to buy Wellness Complete Health Adult deboned chicken and Oatmeal recipe dry dog food

  1. This recipe consists of botanical-based ingredients like blueberries, rosemary extracts, and spinach to provide vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals
  2. A perfect blend of ingredients soothes the sensitive intestine
  3. The chicken is the primary ingredient and is rich in protein
  4. A balanced ratio of chicken fat and brown rice gives a high level of the fiber content

5.Wellness Simple ingredient with Turkey and Potato recipe

    Wellness limited ingredient recipe with Turkey and Potato formula is a perfect choice for small breeds. The rich protein in the turkey supports lean muscle development. Apart from this, potatoes serve as the source of easily digestible carbohydrates. The flaxseed provides omega fatty acids to improve skin texture.  

Reason to buy Wellness Simple ingredient with Turkey and Potato recipe

  1. The recipe consists of important ingredients like flaxseed to give a shiny coat to the skin
  2. This dry dog food doesn't contain any artificial preservatives and coloring agents
  3. It is available at a reasonable price


We hope you have got clarity about the ingredients, food processing, quality, and price rate of the Wellness dry dog foods. You can buy suitable dog food from e-commerce sites.  

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